Align | Commit | Lead

“The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team.” -Simon Sinek


Cultivating a successful team is an ongoing process that deserves focus, attention, and resources. I work with purpose- driven teams and leaders who want to align to a mission, sustain the energy and commitment of team members, and make a difference in the world. In my work with teams, I find out what inspires them, understand what holds them back, remove barriers, and measure success. I’ve seen first hand the impact a team can have when its members communicate clearly, develop new and improved systems and habits, work towards a common goal, and act to achieve impact.

My approach to coaching a purpose driven team involves:

  • Understanding the team’s vision, purpose, mission, or goal

  • Finding out what inspires, challenges, and holds back each member in making a contribution

  • Working with the team as a whole and one on one with individuals to strengthen their alignment with the purpose

  • Co-designing with the team and its leaders an environment that supports success

  • Systematically evaluating the team’s performance in order to facilitate learning and to understand what is continuing to work and what needs to be improved

As a result, teams access clarity in their purpose. They draw upon the strengths of individual talent, establish clear communication, commit to the work that needs to be done, and develop the habits to sustain energy and momentum in overcoming the obstacles that come with complexity and uncertainty. The outcome is a team that works together -- under any circumstance --  for the sake of the impact they want to have in the world.

My team and I benefited from Shannon’s coaching. Shannon is a keen listener, non-judgmental and a professional who enjoys working with teams and individuals. She has a friendly and welcoming demeanor that endears her to those she works with. In her coaching sessions, Shannon proposed to me a series of approaches that helped me unearth hurdles that were slowing my professional growth, and guided with me in modelling behaviors that accelerated my growth and enjoy my job more.
— Sam Wambugu, Team Leader